What To Look For In Pool Balls

Once you get a pool table in your home  then getting hold of some pool balls should be easy enough. Here you will find a list of some of the most important features.

The majority of players call the pool balls solids and stripes, but you may come across other names and indeed other designs and colors. It is becoming increasingly easy to find novelty pool table balls. While these are fun for occasional use most of us prefer to have a set of traditional solids and stripes as well.Pool Balls

The classic numbering system on pool balls is as follows; Yellow (1 and 9) Blue (2 and 10) Red (3 and 11) Purple (4 and 12) Orange (5 and 13) Green (6 and 14) Brown (7 and 15) Black (8).   Add in the white cue ball and have everything needed to get started and find out how to play pool.

The Different Pool Balls Used On Television

You may notice when watching big tournaments on the television that some of the pool balls appear to have a slightly different color than those noted above. This is due to the need of the television broadcasters to show a clear difference between some pool balls which would otherwise cause difficulties for some viewers. It is for this reason the purple becomes blue and the brown a lighter shade. Even the cue ball can be affected, with the multiple dots added so that spectators can better appreciate the types of movement which the top players can achieve with ball pools on professional pool tables .Pool Balls

Another point worth covering is that if you are used to play  coin operated machines you may be used to the cue ball being larger or heavier than the other pool balls in the set. This was done historically to allow the machine to separate and return the white ball while retaining the others until another coin was fed in. In a home set this will not be the case.

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