3 Points on Choosing Billiards Sticks Designs

Anyone starting out in the game of billiards needs to kit themselves out with a few essential pieces of equipment, and cues are one of these. This means looking at some point at billiards sticks designs and types.

Here are some of the main points to consider before buying one.

What Do I Need to Look For?

1.  The price. The price of pool cues for sale varies quite a lot depending upon the maker and the billiard sticks designs. If you are just starting out and playing billiards for the first time then you are probably quite happy to stick to a fairly cheap model at the beginning. Once you start to play more seriously is when you may consider looking at more expensive models.

2. The size. If you have a billiards table at home then you need to check whether a shorter cue is needed for the parts of the table where a wall or some other obstacle restricts the players’ movements. Other than that it is simply a question of looking for one which you feel comfortable with and which goes with your height.

3. The weight. When you start looking at billiard stick designs you might not even realize that there are different weights of cues. To be fair the difference is not that great from one cue to another but it is important to find one that you are comfortable holding and which feels right when you are playing.

4. The billiards sticks designs. The last point is a purely aesthetic one. There are quite a few different types of cue around and there may be ones which you find more visually appealing than others. Some people aren’t too bothered about this final point, while other consider it to be fairly important.

Billiard Sticks Designs
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