How to go about Buying Meucci Billiard Cues

Some of the best and most popular billiard cues around are Meucci billiard cues. They are designed by the eponymous Bob Meucci and are used by a lot of the game’s top players.

As we can see from the picture, they are strikingly designed as well as being of high quality. However, it is the playing quality which most billiards player will be interested in. Clearly, this is something which can only really be tested by playing with one or two Meucci billiard cues and seeing whether the weight, the balance and the feel are right for you.
One thing you will notice if you go shopping for Meucci billiard cues is that despite their strong reputation they aren’t the most expensive cues on the market. There are others which are a lot more expensive but which possibly won’t give you a better performance.

Where to Find One

The best place to look for your Mecci billiard cue is online of course, although this still leaves us with the issue of trying one out. The ideal situation is you have a friend who uses Meucci billiard cues and can get let you give one a try out. This will let you get a feel for it and work out whether it is something which you would be happy using on a full time basis. Otherwise you will most likely want to take a trip to a local dealer store to try a few out that way.

Once you have decided that you want a Meucci cue then the official site will tell you all about the current products on offer and where you can get held of on. In the list of dealers you will hopefully find a pool table supplies store near to where you live.

Helpful guide to buy Meucci Billiard Cues
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