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Pool and billiard cues are known by different names – cue stick, billiard stick etc – but they all mean the same thing.

Pool and billiard CuesThe cue is a tapered stick which usually measures about 58 inches, which is 1.5m. It tends to weigh between 18 and 21 ounces, which amount to between 510 and 600 g. The material used is almost wood but they will often be coaterd in the likes of fiberglass, graphite and carbon fiber.

Interestingly, the modern day cues we use to play pool table games are the relatives of early model which were called maces and were shaped not unlike short, modern day golf clubs. The ideas was to shove the ball with the head of the mace. As more advanced techniques developed and players started to use the tail to play difficult shots the name cue in English came from the French for tail.

As pool and billiards increased in complexity the best players learned that simply hitting the ball as squarely as possible was not the only option open to them, and concepts such as spin and swerve were added to the repertoire of popular shots. This was improved by the addition of chalk, which was originally sold under the much more exciting name of twisting powder.

Nowadays, cues come in all sorts of sizes, and those of you who have small or awkwardly shaped billiards rooms will be glad of the range which is now available. Serious players usually go two or three piece cues, while one piece models are often a decent, inexpensive option for filling up your cue racks with a few different choices.

Getting Started With a New Cue

Rock maple is the most commonly used material in pool cues and as well as the basic cue you will need a good quality top and supply of chalk. After you find the ideal cue even the seemingly simple task of adding chalk to the tip is something which can be done both a right way and a wrong way, so there are plenty of things to find out before you start playing on your new table. One of the best website to buy all what you for Pool and billiard Cues game.


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