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The Axifer Billiards Option

axifer-billiardsAxifer Billiards is a popular online pool game which you can play free. You get to choose from 8 ball or straight pool and it is regarded as one of the most realistic online billiards games around.

Like most free pool games on the internet, the instructions are pretty simple. You need to use the mouse to put the cursor where you want to hit and then hold down the left button to get the power up and then release it. Start Playing this Amazing Game now.

You can either play against the computer or against a human opponent. The computer player is very good so it might take you a few games of Axifer Billiards before you start winning.

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Play Against Friends

Axifer Billiards is a good way of relaxing in the evening and getting in a few games of pool online free whenever you have some spare time. The game is a flash one so you can get started really quickly without waiting for it to download. The Axifer Billiards game has a good standard of graphics and the smooth graphics is probably the best feature. If you like a fast and simple pool game then this is a decent option for you to check out.

If you have friends ove to visit then this is also a fine time to have a go at Axifer Billiards with them and get a tournament going. The fact that it is an internet game means that you can obviously play people from anywhere in the world bt playing together with a bunch of people in the same room is always a fun way to play it.

The game of Axifer Billiards has a lot of fans who have been playing it for some time, so be sure to check whether the person you plan to play against is at your level or not.topper

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