What Goes Into an Antiques Billiards Room?

Anyone thinking of fitting out an antique billiards room will find that there are lots of options open to them just now.

The first thing to look for is obviously an antique billiards table. This is likely to be the easiest of the items to find but also the most expensive. Old billiards tables were generally seen as a luxury piece of furniture and were made to last generations.  Finding a lot of these tables for sale on the internet is no trouble at all, but many of them have huge price tags attached to them.

Antique Billiards

Assuming that you find the perfect antique billiard table then next up you might like to check out some classic cues and cue racks. There are a number of different designs to choose from and this will be another fairly sizable investment if you decide to go for one of the classier models.
Another item you might like to spend a time looking for is the billiard or pool table lights.These often come in copper or brass and the right one can set off a classic billiards table perfectly.

What Else is Needed?

Antique billiards balls and ball racks are other good options to ensure a uniform look to your room. Add to this some leather spectator chairs, coat racks and a few other touches and it is clear that fitting out a billiards room with a classic look is going to take both time and money. Certainly buying just the table is a good start but it is almost certain that you are going to want to add in these other touches we have mentioned in order to get a great look.

One item which will be fairly cheap and easy is the classic billiard artwork to put on the wall as a finishing touch. There are many low cost posters and photos to choose from online.

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