Pool and Billiards Tournaments


How to Organize Great Pool and Billiards Tournaments at Home

If you are thinking of inviting some friends round to take part in pool and billiards tournaments then this can be a great night in and a lot of fun. Here are a few things to think about before you go ahead and get things finalized.

1. What game will you play? There are lots of different pool table games which can add up to a top quality pool and billiards tournament. If you want something which even beginners will feel comfortable with then 8 ball or 9 ball games are a good bet. More experienced players might like to play something more complex but this could make your pool and billiards tournament run longer and put off some of your friends who aren’t so sure how to play pool.

2. What about the rules? Even the simplest games can have different variations and local rules. Pool and billiards tournaments can descend into farce or arguments if people aren’t clear on which rules you are using. A smart move is to print out the rules and put them up on the wall before people arrive. Make sure it is clear whether they need to bring their own cues too.

3. For money or for fun? Some of your friends might think that pool and billiards tournaments without any money at stake are a bit lame, while others might not be keen on betting. A small bet of a couple of dollars per person is usually a decent compromise which few people complain about.

4. What about food and drinks? Good pool and billiards tournaments can run for quite a few hours, so stocking up on some snacks will make sure that no one feels the need to leave for food.

Keep Everyone Happy

5. Entertainment for those who aren’t playing? If you have quite a few players in the billiards and pool tournament then there will be times when people are standing about waiting for a game. This is fine early on but later on in the evening some players might start to get restless between games. Putting a TV in one corner or some magazines on a table will make sure that everyone is kept entertained.

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