Billiard Cues

Billiard Cues

4 Easy Steps to Choosing Billiard Cues

Undoubtedly the most important pieces of equipment for most players are their billiard cues. You might be a very good player but if you play with a poor quality billiard cue then it will clearly take away a bit of quality and consistency from your play. So how do you go about choosing the perfect cue? Let’s look at some ideas.

Go for the Big Brand?

There are a lot of a popular brands such Viking, Predator and Meucci billiard cues. Obviously they have each gained the following which they have for a good reason and you might be tempted to go for one of these big brand billiard cues simply because of the strong name attached to it.

How Does it Feel?

Of course, most of us prefer to pick  up the new cues billiard models and check out the weight and balance of it before buying. If you are thinking of purchasing on the internet then you won’t be able to do that but you can still make a trip to a local pool table supplies store to try a few out before buying one online. As long as you don’t mind going there and not making a purchase then this is a good way of doing it.

How Does it Play?

Even more important than the general feel is how good a sensation you get when playing with it. As well as the initial results you get and the more technical aspects of the performance is it important to gauge your initial feelings about it. Could this be your “lucky cue”, the one which wins you games for years to come? Some billiard cues just feel right when we start playing with them, and this aspect of the decision should not be underestimated.

What Does it Look Like?

To be fair, the billiard sticks designs usually aren’t the most important issue for serious pool players looking for quality cues billiards sticks. The best bet is to find a brand and model you like and then check it there are designs in the range to choose from. If you really want a personalized cue then you could either look at made to order billiard cues or buy one and get it engraved or inlaid by a professional cues firm.

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