Billiard Table

Billiard Table

Games you can Play on a Billiard Table

The common starting points of all cue sports have long disappeared in the past and left us with some very different games which can be split into three different sub sections. All can be played on a different type of billiard table. Pool. 8 ball pool is the world’s most popular cue sport but there are dozens of other variations of this game. Pool is usually played on a smaller billiard table than the other cue sports and the balls tend to be smaller too. The 8 ball variation on the pool game involves each player being assigned one of the two types of pool table balls(typically solids and stripes) and once all of these are pocketed the winner is the player who pockets the black number 8 ball. Snooker. In this sport the players take turns to pocket a red ball followed a colored one. After the reds have all been cleared off the table the colors then need to be pocketed in the correct order, ending with the black. The colored balls have different points assigned to them and the player who accumulated most points during the snooker game (or frame) wins. Carom billiards. This is another of the popular cue sports which has various variations and is the only one of the three categories to use a billiard table without any pockets in some versions. It is regarded as the most subtle and intricate of the three cue sports featured. Most variations involve three balls, while the incredibly difficult sport of artistic billiards playing offers a challenging and unique chance to pull off a variety of trick shots.

Which One Do You Choose?

Due to the different tables billiard games need, as well as the different equipment and shot making skill required for each game, it is common for serious players to focus entirely on just one of the three options but for playing for home at home it is easy enough to give them all a try.

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