How To Play Pool

How To Play Pool

Find Out How To Play Pool After buying pool tables most people like to do a little bit of investigation into how to play pool. You might be a complete beginner looking to learn the basics or someone who has an idea how to play but want to move onto the next level. Let’s assume you are a complete novice and want to start and learn how to play pool from scratch. Here are some pointers, just skip any ones which you already know. 1. Make sure the table is flat and runs true. This can be done by slowly rolling a ball from one to the other. 2. Use a cue which you are comfortable. If your table came with some different cues then give each a try to see which one feels right. 3. Chalk the tip. You should get into the habit of doing this regularly as you begin to work out how to play pool. 4. Hold the cue properly and stand in the right way. There are some sites on the internet but fairly detailed instructions on how to do this. However, you shouldn’t over complicate things at the beginning and just getting comfortable and steady should be enough to get you started. 5. Practice. There is nothing wrong with taking a few strokes without having the ball in front of you. These will allow you to get comfortable and sort out any problems with your stance or grip. 6. Learn the rules. There are too many different pool table games and local variations for us to cover in depth here. You should stick to one type of game to start with and learn the rules fully. These won’t be too difficult and all you really have to know if the sequence in what the balls need to be pocketed and the consequences of making a foul play.

Have a Good Time

7. Have fun. When you learn how to play pool it is important not to let the rules and the technique get in the way of your enjoyment of a great new hobby.

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