Pool Table Sizes

Pool Table Sizes

Which Pool Table Sizes Are Best?

The size of table you buy will really depend upon different factors such as which type of cue sport you want to play and how you like to play the game. There are a few different types of pool tables sizes to choose from. Almost all pool tables come with a 2:1 ratio, which means that the long side is twice the size of the short one. The smallest pool table size you should expect to come across is 6 foot x 3 foot. This is the size which is commonly seen in the UK for playing pool table games and if you are used to playing on a bigger table you may find it a little cramped.

What is the Biggest Size of Table?

If you are looking for the biggest conventional pool tables sizes then 9 foot long is as high as most go. Again, if you aren’t used to playing on a table with these dimensions it can be extremely tricky. If you find that the target ball is at the opposite end of the table it can see an awful long way away. Within these extremes there are a number of other different pool table sizes which may be ideal for you. The first step is to measure the space into which it is going to have to fit. As well as making sure that there is enough floor space for it you should also ensure that it there is room for some back swing on the cues and that the table can pass through the door or, at worst, the window. Once you choose the pool tables size which suits you then it is likely to become a part of your home entertainment for years to come, so it is definitely worth taking you time and trying out a few different sizes before you make your final decision and look at pool tables for sale.

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