The Art of Laying Snookers


One of the most popular types of billiards games in some parts of the world is the snooker game. Part of the complexity and lasting appeals of this games is the art of laying snookers for your opponent.

The real benefit of laying snookers for your rival is that you leave them in a position in which they find it very difficult to get out without ever committing a foul or leaving you in a good position for the next position.

The best type of snookers are generally ones which leave the other player needing to cover a lot of distance and also make a very accurate shot in order to even make contact with the target ball. There are a few different situations in which you might see a snooker being created and here are top ones.

Three Different Situations

1. When you have no pocking option. Sometimes in snooker you have no valid pocketing option and the best idea is to simply leave the cue ball in the most difficult position on the snooker table for your rival to take their shot. This is usually easier near the start of the game, when the reds are clumped together down the bottom of the table and you can leave the cue ball at the other end behind the yellow, green or brown balls.
2. When a players needs snookers to win. It may be the case you are 30 points behind your opponent but there are only a possible 27 points left on the table. In this case you need to lay snookers in order to draw a foul and win. This is difficult to do but can make for a fascinating end to a game which looked to be safe for the other player. As the bals are cleared from the table it becomes increasingly difficult to lay a snooker.

3. A self snooker. This is most commonly done either at the start of the end of the game. It is when a player pockets a ball but leaves themselves with no clear sight of the next target ball. When there are lots of red balls spread over the table it is common to pocket one but find yourself trapped behind the others instead of having a clear view of the colors. It can also happen if the cues aren’t properly chalked and a miscue occurs.

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