Snooker Cues


Can I Use Snooker Cues to Play Pool?

As the snooker game requires a bit more skill and precision than pool snooker cues tend to be of a slightly different design, while retaining the same general form and use.

The first difference you are likely to notice is that snooker cues are a bit longer than those used to play pool. Apart from the length, the cue tip is usually smaller and one side of a snooker cue is flat. Check one of the best snooker cue kitSnooker Cues

Of course, all of these difference are reasonably subtle and if you want to play play snooker, pool and billiards using the same snooker cue or pool cue then there is nothing to stop you.  The only absolutely essential piece of equipment you need is the correct set of balls for the game you want to play. Having said that, if you plan to play snooker on a pool table you may find it a little too cramped. In this case an option is to play a reduced size game of snooker with apyramid of just 10 reds instead of 15.

Which Game to Play

All three of the main cue sports – snooker, pool and cazrom billiards – attract diferent types of player and have achieved varying degrees of popularity in different countries. The best way to find out which is right for you is to give them all a try. Whether you do this using pool cues, snooker cues or billiards cues is a personal decision you need to make. If you are just going to be playing for fun then you shouldn’t get too hung up on the type of cue. Just pick one that feels right and meets your budget and you will be fine.200

As snooker cues are a bit longer you might need to look at longer cue cases. If you already have pool cue cases then it makes sense to ensure that the new cue is a perfect fit.

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