Some of the Main Points to Choose Pool Tables


pool-tables11. Size. There are really two issues to consider here; the size of surface you are happy playing on and the amount of space available to fit a pool table into. Beginners are usually happier on a smaller sized table, although the crowding effect which this can cause will lead to some really difficult shots. Bigger pool table sizes will often require you to make long, tricky shots, especially towards the end of games when there are few balls left on the table. You will need to be sure to leave enough space around all the edges to avoid damage to the surrounding walls.

2. Material. The best kind of pool tables and billiard tables are made with slate under the felt surface. If you want a less expensive choice than slate pool tables then the most popular kind of cheap pool tables come with a wooden base instead of the slate.

3. Color. Green or blue pool table felt are the most traditional choices on pool tables but you should have little trouble in getting hold of the color of felt you need in order to match the room you will be using it in.

4. Warranty. A top quality pool table is a piece of equipment which you should expect to last a lifetime, and in fact many tables get passed down from one generation of the family to another. If there are any problems with the composition of the table then you should expect it be evident within the first few months. Used pool tables won’t give you this but should be cheaper.

5. Accessories. These shouldn’t be too expensive but it is still worth checking whether they come included with the table pool set or whether or not you will need to buy them separately. If you need to buy them then a rack, cues, chalk and pool balls are among the most important items to look for.

6. Other games. Some of the most family oriented pool tables on sale these days let you add on a cover and play hockey or table tennis on it. These are useful if you have children to be entertained but if you are looking for a more professional type of table then you will probably want a different type of table. To play billiards and snooker you really just need to buy another set of balls, but these games are definitely more suited to the bigger type of pool tables.

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