Pool Table Balls


Some Fun Pool Table Balls

New pool tables tend to come with a set of pool table balls but if you want to liven up your games then you also have the option of purchasing a novelty set.

These sets obviously come with the same number of pool table balls and the same numbers as a classic set. Where they differ is with the colors which they use. These are often the colors of sports teams, and some offer “rival” packs where different teams are depicted on the two types of ball.

You may also have seen light up pool table balls used on television at some point. These look like they might be the next big pool craze. Basically they light up every time you hit them and interesting pool table supplies.

Pool Table Ball

Another interesting choice comes with the so called Moon Rock or Lunar Rock pool table ball set. These feature numbers and look almost unbelievably futuristic.

Camouflage pool balls might sound strange but they play well. If you are expecting a good game of hunt the ball pool table then you will be disappointed, as they aren’t that well camouflaged.
If you just want an eye catching cue ball or eight ball for your pool table games then you will find quite a few options out there too. From a golden 8 ball to a speckled cue ball, there are lots of ways to make your games more interesting and colorful.

What About Some Normal Pool Table Balls?

If you just want a conventional pool table ball set then you will still have some decisions to make, as there are lots of different types around these days. Prices tend to start online at around $50 for a decent set, while a top of the range one can cost 3 or 4 times this. The novelty options fall into the same sort of price range and a lot of them are around the top end of this scale.


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