Get the Perfect Pool Table Lights

An important aspect of your games room which it is easy to overlook is the type of pool table lights you use to light up your games.Pool Table Lights

The ceiling height will obviously have a big effect on the pool table lighting you use. This is because the most typical type of pool table lights hang down from the ceiling directly over the table.

If your ceiling is pretty low then this is going to mean that the light gets in your way as you try to play. In this case you should look at fitting recessed lighting or a simply fluorescent strip. This won’t give you the same pool hall image but it will make it easier to play without any hassle.

The recommended height from the bottom of the light to the playing surface is around 32”. Provided that your ceiling height is suitable then you will find lots of different types of pool table light online.Pool Table Lights

The main purpose of these lights is, of course, to light up pool tables. However, most of these lights deliberately leave the rest of the room in the shade.

This then leaves us with two things to sort out. Firstly we need to make sure that the fullpool table tops are covered by the light and no corner is left in the dark. This means that there is no chance of you of missing some pool table balls tucked against the rail.The ideal sizes are as follows;

Find the Right Size

9 foot table = lights of 57” – 83”

8 foot table = lights of 48 – 60”

7 foot table = 40” – 57”

The other point is whether you want to fit some additional lighting in the rest of the room. If the room is big or you sometimes use it for other reasons then this will be a good decision.

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